Below are sample reports from House Inspection Services of both a General Home Inspection, and also a WDI Report.  The General Home Inspection report includes examples of a pier & beam crawlspace inspection, as well as a pool inspection, and infrared inspection of an actual property.

NOTE - These reports are for example purposes only.  TREC and SPCS forms may be updated periodically.  Also, no two inspections are exactly the same, and your actual report information will vary.

NOTE-  Be sure to check out the summary included at the end of the General Home Inspection.  This easy to read summary itemizes the "deficient" items so you don't have to.

House Inspection Services uses the current Texas Real Estate Commission promulgated home inspection form, as well as the Texas Structural Pest Control Services promulgated wood destroying insect report form. These are the required reporting forms per state licensing guidelines.

Sample Inspection Report:  Sample_Inspection_Report_2015.pdf

​Sample WDI Report:             Sample_Report_WDI_-_Website.pdf